Responsive mobile friendly E-Shop

The responsive mobile friendly eShop has been designed from the ground up to be simple, intuitive, easy to setup and fun and professional to work with.  Every effort has been made on designing informative screens ensuring the layout is kept as simple as possible yet ensuring the information you need is always at your finger tips.

The complete user ordering experience for the customer is built on the Bootstrap Framework v3.3 ensuring compatibilty with all mobile devices & computer screens. Key administration screens are also mobile formatted.

The customer experience is kept to the minimum clicks and screen refreshes to place an order.The basket features an AJAX calculator -  quantities changed will update the basket totals in Realtime - a page refresh is not needed.

Customers can also contribute to your website by supplying comments, ratings against a purchased product.

It is possible to create an offline order by using the administration area.
The main page for listing and managing your customers.
The main page for listing and managing your orders.
Edit customer details.
The main page for listing and managing your customers mobile format.
Manage any promotions you are running on your eShop.
A notes system where you can add notes and comments to an order is indispensable.
View Order
> Manage Orders   KB14497
A comprehensive order view page.
It is essential to keep a track of your orders on any device.
There are a number of ways you can accept payment from your online store.
In order to use the product options we have created we have to assign the product option to a listing or a product we sell.
To run a successful online store it is imperative you run regular reports. Your reports can be easily customised and saved and run whenever you need.
Customise your reports to your requirements and save to run at any time.
In addition to the basic customer information we need to make an orf
Shipping zones contain areas of countries / states that you ship to.
Shipping zones contain areas of countries / states that you ship to.
Manage the countries attached to a shipping zone.
How we calculate the delivery charge.
If we wish to charge for delivery to a certain zone we need to apply a delivery pricing scheme
States are contained within countries.
Manage Product Taxes
> Tax   KB14521
There are 3 systems of applying tax to products a single global tax choice or multiple product tax or tax based on shipping country / state destination.
A saleable product can be a file to download.
Featured items allows us to highlight certain products over others.
If you wish to keep track of your stock using the eShop this can managed simply and effectively.
Offline ordering is an order that does not use an automated payment gateway such as Paypal - no money is transferred.
Single Product Tax
> Tax   KB14541
Enter a single value for product tax applied globally to all products.
Multiple Product Tax
> Tax   KB14542
For sites that need to use multiple tax rates for different products.
For sites that need to base the tax applied to products on the destination country or state within a country.