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Main list of all blog posts. Delete selected and add new
Blog Calendar
> Manage Blog   KB14278
Add and view blog events via the calendar.
The main page for listing and managing your customers.
The main page for listing and managing your orders.
To work on a page and not affect the live copy use the drafts system.
Easily toggle between the administration page and published page.
The buttons
> Introduction   KB14283
A simple button scheme is used throughout the administration utility.
To beautifully present your images on a page there are over 50 different types of image gallery available for selection. Any page can have an image gallery.
Add background music to any page to complement a slideshow or to showcase your music.
Add video
> Introduction   KB14286
Add video from YouTube or Vimeo to any page.
A web form allow you to create custom input fields that the web user can complete and submit.
Super User Login
> Users   KB14288
Easily translate a page into another language.
The site can be run in up to 7 different languages.
Common layouts and schemas for your all pages on your site can be added here to ensure certain pages adhere to a common layout.
Drag layout snippets to an editing canvas to easily create beautiful pages fit for any device
An advanced file explorer to manage your images and files on the web server.
Global Setup
> Setup   KB14306
How to manage the updating of your site with multiple administrators.
Add Blog
> Manage Blog   KB14308
Add a blog item
Delete a blog entry
Edit Blog
> Manage Blog   KB14310
Edit a blog entry
Manage published pages with admin users with limited permissions.
Manage Admin Users
> Users   KB14312
Facebook can be integrated with your website enabling Facebook comments and posting to your timeline.
Edit a news entry
Add News
> Manage News   KB14317
Add a news item
Delete a news entry
Main list all news posts. Delete selected and add new
News Calendar
> Manage News   KB14320
Add and view news events via the calendar.
Edit a web page
Add a web page
Main list all web pages. Delete selected and add new
Delete a web page
Web pages appear in the menu bar. Here we will explain the different types of web pages available to you.
Menu Bar
> Manage Web Pages   KB14326
The menu bar facilitates easy navigation of your website
Add a web page
Delete a web link
Edit a web page
Edit where you would like the page to appear in the menu bar.
Essentially one page scroll is a super content laden home page
Add a template
Edit a web page
Delete a template
Edit the side bar
Edit the footer
View All Categories
Edit a category
Delete a category