The Social Network

All members of a directory have a profile page. Here you can update your profile details, add an image gallery, music, pictures, check selective logos, add Social links and text.
Fancy building your own social network?
The social network home screen displays the recent social activity of people you are following or are your friends. Links and comments of only things that interest you are all displayed.
Once a friend request is accepted you can start a chat.
Members that are following you will see your posts in their social network activity window.
View friends and select friend to chat.
This window displays the friend requests that you have made.
Chat to your friends, upload images and leave messages.
To transfer tokens or credits to a member profile.
View the profile in detail.
Search the social network for friends who you can chat with or follow.
If the social network is locked to new users you can invite friends to sign up to the social network.
Authorise or reject friend requests. A friend you can chat with.
View people I am following who will appear on my social network activity.
Once a friend request is accepted you can start a chat.