Introduction to Comments Feedback System
Each page on your site can be set to allow your web users to contribute to the page by leaving their personal comment.
Any page has the option to allow an open discussion thereby activating the comments system. The icons used are below.

A star rating can be applied to each comment left.

  Active State   In-active State
Comments can be left for page Comments cannot be left for page
Each comment can be set to require approval by an administrator before the comment is published on the page. Email notifications can be set if a comment is in need of approval. Certain trusted users can be set to automatic publish therefore not requiring approval. Users can be suspended or deleted at any time.

Web users can add themselves to the system or users can be added via the administration area. Each user has access to update their profile and upload a profile image.

The comments system on the website works on mobile and PC platforms alike.

The system does not facilitate the editing of comments.
A comment can be removed at a later date even if authorised and published to the site.

Updated on: 03/05/2020 16:18:12
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