Manage My Comments
View all comments on the system and activate, view or delete as required.
Key to symbols used

Needing Approval
Comments are listed which required approval by an administrator before being published on website.
Comments which have been published and are viewable on the website.
List in Progress
Comments that have not yet been submitted by web users.

Super User

User can leave comments and access restricted (locked) pages on website. On community networked sites a super user can easily leave multiple comments on the activity page. Click icon to switch status
 User can leave comments only and not access restricted (locked) areas of the site Click icon to switch status

Key to buttons

Click button for quick authorise.
Permenantly delete the comment. A warning dialog will be presented as this action is permanent.
View comment

You can show:
[Show All Comments] - Display all comments whatever the status.
[Active] - Display Only active comments live and viewable on website.
[List requiring approval] - Display Comments requiring approval
[List in progress] - Display Comments in progress and not yet submitted for approval.
Click to show results.

Sort By
You can sort the results by
[Name] - sorts alphabetically by name
[Date Created] - the latest added comment listing will be displayed first.

Comment text
Displays a small block of text from the comment for your reference plus entered by and entered date..

Comment rating.
A blank rating signifies no rating was left.

To delete comment tick box. This will highlight the row and place a tick in the box.
You can select multiple comments to delete.

Click to perform operation. A new prompt window will open to confirm deletion.

After 'delete' the comment cannot be recovered. This action is permanent.

Updated on: 03/05/2020 16:18:26
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