Setup Comments
Setup the options for comments.

Allow web users to sign up
[Yes] - Web users will be able to sign up and create new user accounts by clicking button on website and following the signup procedure.
[No] - Web users can only be through the administration utility. Web users added via the administrator will not be able to edit their profile on the website.

Auto activate new users [email confirmation not needed]
[Yes] - New web users will not be required to click an authorisation link in an email sent to set active. User will be activated immediatly and can leave comments without the need to receive an email and click an authorisation link.
[No] - New web users need to click an authoi

Email administrator if comment requires approval
For all comments subject to approval
[Yes] - An email will be automatically sent to the primary email address notifying a new comment needs approval.
[No] - No email notification will be sent. Administrator will have to login to view comments requiring approval.

Quick login for comments user
Adds a quick login dialog box if not logged in or profile edit link if logged in to menu bar on the public website for easier access to the comments system.

Comments Page Navigation
System to scroll through comments
[Number Boxes] - Scroll through comments by means of clicking number boxes
[Infinite Scroll] - Auto scroll and append comments by using scroll bar


Password Strength
Set the password strength for new users signing up to the comments area of the website.
Option1 - Choose a password of 4 characters or greater
Option2 - Choose a password of 6 characters or greater
Option3 - Choose a password of 8 characters or greater including a number

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Updated on: 03/05/2020 16:19:07
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