Introduction To Layouts System
Access the layouts system by ciicking the Setup Link in the left hand menu. Think of layouts as being the wrapper for all the data added via the administration area.

The layouts system that is a core integration to the administration utility allows unlimited scope for creativity and customisation. Pages can fit exactly to your requirements by replacing dynamic placeholders such as $title$ with the title of the page.

Images can be place as backgrounds, thumbnails, image galleries can be placed wherever you wish on the page.

There are over 500 differenct placeholders that perform a unique task such as building category lists, adding social icons etc...In order to manage the multitude of placeholders we have built a placeholder utility system so that you can quickly find and categorise the placeholder you are looking for.

As a rule placeholders would only be used on a page that would need its data to be replaced by live actual data.

There are many presets setup to give you a headstart designing your own or you can use the layouts that come with your site.

An example of HTML viewed through the html editor that uses placeholders:

Updated on: 03/05/2020 16:26:29
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