Introduction to Bookings / Reservation

Any type of booking / reservation setup can be accommodated for. We treat a booking or reservation as another product option .In order to activate a booking option for a product we firstly create the booking option and then attach it to a product much like we attach other product options such as a color selection or size selection.

Multiple products can have the same booking option attached or different booking options can be attached to different products or products can have no option for booking at all.

A product will still be displayed exactly the same way such as displaying galleries / prices / video etc.. even if a booking option has been applied to it. The product can have a price set for purchase thereby creating an online e-Commerce booking system. Bookings and reservations can also be for arranging meetings and not requiring payment these bookings can also be cancelled at any time.

Basic Specifications

Bookings are treated as slots of time. The day is divided into segments of 15 minutes so the smallest unit that can be booked is 15 minutes right up to 24hrs or a complete day. Once you have decided how to split up your day be it by quarterly minutes / hourly or afternoon / morning / evening / all day you then select the active slots that can be booked. Active slots would normally correspond to the working hours or hours a service is delivered.

Certain days or holidays can be excluded.

A range of days / months / years is set when the booking slots can be selected. There is no limit to time ranges even the smallest unit of time 15 minutes can be booked 10 years in advance if the slot is free.

Managing bookings in the administration area.

All bookings you create will be offered to your web users and in the administration area you have the same control over the bookings so that an online and offline / telephone / paperwork system can be run seamlessly. Both areas use the same data so it is impossible to double book a slot.

Calculating The Free Slots

You set the amount of bookings available per product.

You can set a limit on how many bookings per order.

You can set how long you wish a booking slot to be locked whilst an order is being placed before the time slot is made available to another user.

At all times there are notifications of free slots and booked slots so double booking is impossible.

Cancelling or confirming Reservations / Bookings requiring no upfront payment

There may be a need to use the bookings / reservations engine to make a booking to reserve time but payment is not required at the time of reservation.

For this example we have a number of further options.
In the confirmation email we can add 2 codes that will auto generate links to confirm the reservation and also a link to delete the reservation. These are on-click links and the action will happen immediatly for the customer with no prompt warning. Consult managing the dictionary for more help on codes.

[activationlink] - (Non-paid Reservations only) will replace this text block for a link to activate the reservation.

[cancelreservelink] - (Non-paid Reservations only) will replace this text block for a click link to cancel the reservation.

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