Bookings / Reservations Settings

Settings applied to administer bookings / reservations in eShop settings.

Consult the additional general calendar settings on how the calendar can be displayed to the web user at time of order.


Edit bookings in calendar

View Order List in Block

View list of orders in the time block

Hide Time Grid in Calendar for Bookings Page

Display orders as general list for the day and not positioned and aligned to specific times in day. See the diagram below displaying the options of time grid or hide time grid. Hiding the time grid gives us a direct list of orders for the time slot but the orders are not positioned on a grid and snapped to time as in view with time grid. This is a global setting as in applied to all products.

Add Book Times in Blocks

Display the times booked in the time slots.


Updated on: 03/05/2020 16:29:08
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