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Edit Web Page
> Manage Web Pages      KB14321
Edit a web page
Add Web Page
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Add a web page
Main list all web pages. Delete selected and add new
Delete Web Page
> Manage Web Pages      KB14324
Delete a web page
Web pages appear in the menu bar. Here we will explain the different types of web pages available to you.
Menu Bar
> Manage Web Pages      KB14326
The menu bar facilitates easy navigation of your website
Add Web Link
> Manage Web Pages      KB14327
Add a web page
Delete Web Link
> Manage Web Pages      KB14328
Delete a web link
Edit Web Link
> Manage Web Pages      KB14329
Edit a web page
Edit Menu Path
> Manage Web Pages      KB14330
Edit where you would like the page to appear in the menu bar.
One Page Scroll
> Manage Web Pages      KB14331
Essentially one page scroll is a super content laden home page
Add Template
> Manage Web Pages      KB14332
Add a template
Edit Template
> Manage Web Pages      KB14333
Edit a web page
Delete Template
> Manage Web Pages      KB14334
Delete a template
Edit Side Bar
> Manage Web Pages      KB14335
Edit the side bar
Edit Footer
> Manage Web Pages      KB14336
Edit the footer
Parallex Scroll
> Manage Web Pages      KB15125
Essentially one page scroll is a super content laden home page
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