Edit Newsletter
Edit the text and subject of a newsletter.

Copy an existing newsletter click   

Newsletter Title

Enter a title for the newsletter

Newsletter Subject
This is the subject of the newsletter and will be shown in the subject email of the recipient. Best practise is not to have too long a subject.

Newsletter Text
This is the main content of the newsletter. Use the WYSIWYG Text Editor to format precisely your newsletter.

To pull data from the database and personlise the email use this key to dynamically insert data.

Dynamic Text Key Click the icon to automatically view in edit page

[ref] Account ref ID
[email] Email Address
[accountname] Account Name/ Business Name
[contactname] Contact Name
[website] Link to home page of website
[image] Dynamic Image if available
[date] Date email Sent
[time] Time email sent


Click to save edits

Image Personalisation

If available (this is an optional upgrade) it allows a personalised image to be included in the email. Text driven from the database will be used to created a unique image for each email. An automatic link to your website is created if the image is clicked in the email.

To start you will need to upload an image. Best practise would be to have a width of between 600px - 800px so as to fit in most email clients.
Once you have an image uploaded you are then free to add 4 text areas to overlay the image. Each of these text areas can take data from the database to personalise.

Note: In the email text is not overlayed as text but a new completely unique image is created using the text and image you selected to create a personlaised image for each email.

Image options:

Enter text you wish here with dynamic variables in the key below:
[email] Email Address
[accountname] Account Name/ Business Name
[contactname] Contact Name
[date] Date email Sent
[time] Time email sent

Select the font and justifications

Max Chrs
The maximum characters on one line.

Size of text in pixels

Color of text html values needed.

Letter spacing

The gradient of the text in degrees.

The width of the text container.

The transparency of text

The position of text from the top of the image

The position of text from the left of the image

To set text in a circle set to active.

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