Send Newsletter
Newsletter emails will be sent in batches at predefined time intervals and batch quantities.

To ensure that all emails are sent and not treated as spam we need to add emails to a queuing system. Emails will be sent in batches at time intervals we set. Once an email has been sent the email is removed from the queue. Before sending a new newsletter it is good practise to ensure all emails have been sent and there are none in the queue.

Emails Sent
Shows the amount of emails that have been sent this month. The monthly maximum is also shown showing how many remaining emails sends are available. The amount is reset each month.
Click    Quick Send Newsletterto quickly resume a mailing or to resend a newsletter if there are no emails in the queue.

Select Newsletter
Select the newsletter from the list you would like to send. Click to quickly edit the newsletter.

No. of emails in batch
Select the amount of emails sent in each batch. The lower the amount the less treated as spam.

Email From
This email is sourced from the system email but can be overwritten.

Email BCC
To receive a carbon copy of all emails sent enter an email address here. This will be a blind carbon copy.

Send Emails Time Interval
Sets a time interval of sending the batches of emails. A higher time will result in email being less treated as spam.
[Not now] - Select to pause email sending.
[Every 10 seconds] - Emails will be sent every 10 seconds. The amount of emails sent are set in Batch count.
[Every 20 seconds] - Emails will be sent every 20 seconds. The amount of emails sent are set in Batch count.

If visible click to start the mailing. To start mailing the Send Email Time Interval needs to be at an interval of time.
If Send Emails Time Interval is set at [Not now] emails will not be sent.

Send in Progress...
If visible at the top of the page the mailing is in progress.

   Send in progress... 50/2000   15mins Complete   
If mailing is in progress click to pause mailings.


A preview of the email sent is displayed with dynamic data if present.


Displayed are the emails currently in the email queue and waiting to be sent.
Email subscribers displayed in the list can be edited by clicking the button.

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