Manage Shipping Zones
Shipping zones contain areas of countries / states that you ship to.

If you plan to ship your items using a delivery service and or use shipping zones as the basis for caclulating tax you will need to setup shipping zones.

Shipping zones group together a collection of countries such as UK, Europe, Asia, North America etc...For each shipping zone we attach a method of delivery which will be applied to all countries contained in this zone. Countries can also contain satets if required. Normally a shipping zone will group countries in a similar region in the world that can all be applied a similar pricing scheme.

If you wish to provide a more localised delivery service or have specific areas you only deliver to you can set up your own custom locations.

The shipping zone management area also doubles up to provide a method for applying a product tax based on delivery country or state. If we use the product tax option Tax based on Shipping Country / State we will have an added field used to provide a product tax for this country or state.

If you use a certain carrier such as DHL or UPS you will need to add the zones and countries as per their specification.
Note if you use multiple shipping providors you will be able to select a different carrier on order but all shipping providers must adhere to the same countries in each zone.

Immediate delivery or collect in store order at a set time.

If you offer an immediate delivery service or in-store collect for that day you may find an alternative delivery scheme works better in this instance. Attaching a date / time customer field whereby the customer chooses a delivery time for that day. For more information on how to setup this up please view the specific page help here.

The management screen below.


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