Edit Shipping Zone Pricing Scheme
If we wish to charge for delivery to a certain zone we need to apply a delivery pricing scheme

If we wish to charge for delivery we need to setup pricing schemes that are applied to a zone. Having multiple zones means we can charge different pricing depending on the delivery country / state / custom area of the customer.

A pricing scheme consists of a set of value bands. These value bands can be based on total order weight or total order price. If we set as a calculation based on weight then the delivery charge is calculated dependant on where the weight falls in our weight bands. If based on price we look to see where the order total price falls in our price bands. Multiple pricing schemes can be setup for each zone if you wish such as 24 delivery, next day before 12.00, or personal courier - each pricing scheme will have corresponding values denoting the type of delivery service the customer selects at time of order.


Updated on: 13/09/2015 11:51:17
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