Manage Custom Locations
If you wish to provide a more localised delivery service or have specific areas you only deliver to you can set up your own custom locations.

Manage Custom Locations

Add specific areas unique to your locality. This will ensure your customers are aware that only certain areas are available for delivery if you wish to setup this way. You can manage multiple zones with custom locations if you wish.

If custom zones are present the customer will not have access to zones containing countries. You need to decide if you wish to base delivery on a locality or based on country or state.

If only one custom zone is setup the customer will simply select the locations within the zone upon ordering. This will be mandatory. It is possible to set delivery pricing schemes to the custom zone. Managing multiple custom zones with different localities attached it is possible to base local delivery very accurately indeed.


Add Custom Zone

To add a shipping zone

On the main shipping page click button. A new screen will open. Add a zone name for the new zone.


Manage Locations

Easily add / edit / or delete locations attached to a zone.


Updated on: 03/05/2020 17:14:56
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