Music Playlist
Add background music to any page to complement a slideshow or to showcase your music.
Music Playlist

A music playlist added to an image gallery can make an exceptional presentation for any page.

Music Playlist Active
This icon signifies that the music playlist is active for this page and on page load your music selections will be played in the background..
Music Playlist Inactive

Music Playlist
To add music to any page select the songs available license free on Soundcloud.

To add a song to the page.

In soundcloud select the song you wish and click "SHARE" then copy the share link to the available slot in the administration area. There are 10 slots available labelled Song Share Link 1-10.

To remove a selection
Click the icon on the selection you wish to remove.

Play in random order

If selected Yes then the songs in your list will be played in a random order.


Only music links from the site soundcloud will work.Links from other music sites will not be played.

Updated on: 13/09/2015 12:15:14
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