Manage News Ticker Entries
The news ticker will display rolling news one line at a time and displayed as a strip filling the complete width of the content area.

The news ticker layer needs to be active in the responsive web design builder to access the news ticker manage area.

If the layer is active then on the home screen a link will appear as below. Click to manage the news ticker items.


News items will be displayed in a strip filling 100% of the page to ensure display on all devices. The color of the strip and text within can be setup in the news ticker layer. Once an entry has been made you have full formatting options allowing images to be added, text to be formatted and links generated using the WYSIWYG Text Editor

There is no limit to the amount of news ticker entries that can be added.

Optionally you can drive data from existing pages on the site to the news ticker such add your blog entries to the news ticker. A link will be automatically created which will link to the page.



The news ticker will pause if the cursor hovers over the news area.

Updated on: 03/05/2020 17:22:39
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