Submit Support Ticket
Submittng support tickets enable you to efficiently communicate with the system administrator assigned to your account This enables all support to be tracked and anwsers improved for you and everyone.
Please consult the exhaustive help guide before making a request for support.

Any customisation to your site or improvements / modifications that you require will need to have support credits assigned to cover the extra resources necessary. Support credits can be purchased within the administration area. The system administrator can advice how many support credits would be required for a task prior to commencing work.

Simple queries or questions do not require support credits. Add a support ticket to start a new dialogue with the system administrator. Once the support query has been resolved the support ticket is set to Closed and no further dialogue will be actioned. A new support ticket will need to be actioned if a dialogue is required after a ticket is closed.


Add Support Ticket
Click to start a new support ticket. On the following page select a support category..

Support Credits
Amount of support credits you have.

Ticket Reference No
Each support ticket is given a unique reference number. Search by ticket reference number.


[N/A] Show all support tickets.
[OPEN Ticket] - Ticket has a reply from administrator and is now Open.
[SUBMITTED Ticket] - A new support ticket has been submitted and is waiting for a reply from an administrator.
[CLOSED Ticket] - Ticket is now Closed and filed. This ticket will not be actioned further.

Each support ticket is given a unique reference number.

Date Added
Date ticket added to system

Support Request
Support request dialogue.

Number of replies from support.

View support ticket to add additional messages.

It is possible to delete a ticket that has been submitted but not yet actioned by a system administrator.

Click to deleted selected.

After 'delete' the support ticket cannot be recovered. This action is permanent.

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