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Create fully responsive web sites rendered on any device with our responsive web design tool.
Text layers can be formatted using CCS3.
The layers with their own styles can be nested within a master content style.
A wide variety of background options are available. Preset tile, uploaded image or image slideshow.
Make numerous versions of your site and call upon earlier snapshots at any time or use as a fail safe backup tool.
There may be times when it is advisable to have a different layout for the home page and content pages.
Here we show various examples on how to position the layers on the canvas area.
Upload a background banner displayed at the top of the page.
The main content layer is the primary layer of your site that contains the layer that renders all the pages.
The menu bar serves as the main navigation banner for your web users.
The logo layer contains the logo or image for your site.
The search layer provides a means to search your site for specific entries.
For eCommerce enabled sites a mini basket summary container can be displayed
Overlay text/HTML to the template shell and optionally add flash movie animated fx.
Render a large slogan & small slogan text block on this layer.
The news ticker is a layer for displaying latest news and can be driven from data in news / blog pages or entered independant.
There are three options layers for rendering any HTML/ text or a photo gallery. Layers can switch on/off depending on device.
The interface is similar to image editing software - we select a layer and can open up further editing commands or advanced positioning
Advanced options for Footer Layer
If multi-language site active - mini flags of language selection can be displayed.
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