Hub / Directory Management

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Listings/news/blogs will be displayed here that require approval before publishing on the website or directory.
All members of a directory have a profile page. Here you can update your profile details, add an image gallery, music, pictures, check selective logos, add Social links and text.
We define a hub as a grouping of web sites / profiles / stores / businesses brought all together under one central management control.
To make it easier to set up new sites - sites can be copied from existing.
Adding a new site / profile can be achieved either through the hub administration or the hub website.
Each hub will have access to a global dictionary
We add new sites / profiles by selected a preset template.
Full Access to All Accounts
With the quote tool you can easily generate quotes and store all in one central administration system
A simple notes storing system is offered to help the management of the hub.
Add sites / profiles or manage from any mobile device.
There are 2 configurations that can be applied when your hub is setup by the webmaster.
Deleting an account has a few steps to follow to ensure an account is not deleted by mistake
A diagram of the main hub screen and key areas below for reference.
Listings will be displayed here that require a category to be assigned
Any search query can be performed using our open ended search query system.
Detailed list of form placeholders.
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