One Page Scroll
Essentially one page scroll is a super content laden home page

One page scroll is activated in the Global Settings Page under heading Responsive Page Format.

Activating one page scroll opens up endless possibilities for a content and media rich site. When this is activated any web page we nest under another web page will be displayed under the parent web page. So we could have 10 pages contained under one parent page. Clicking the parent page the web user would see all 10 pages or blocks listed after each other. A page is a parent page when there are other pages nested within.

Each block on the page has a designated page in the admin for easy management. Each block can be given a background image or background color. Upload your own background image or use from the 1000's of background tiles available. Blocks can contain placeholders driving content from other areas dynamically, blocks can contain images galleries.... etc...Using the Drag N Drop editor on the page blocks you can very quickly put together a modern designed website that is mobile and all screen friendly.

What are the impacts if one page scroll is active.


  • Option to upload background image or select from background presets or assign a color. See example.
  • Changing the order will re-arrange the order of the blocks 



For a home page scroll block we can change the background color in this example of the edit page.

Parallex Scrolling Effect
To enable parallex scrolling effect whereby the background image moves at a different rate to the page scroll speed click the button parallex scrolling to on.
This will only be enabled if an image has been uploaded or a preset is being used. Apply a color with transaparency to give the layer a tint. If the color is set to full opacity the background image will not be visible.

Height Padding
Adjust the space given at the top of the strip container and the bottom of the strip container. Giving large values padding, plus a background image uploaded  and having parallex scrolling on can give a modern web effect seen on many websites today.

Text Media Container
The default is to display any text / media added in the text editor within a centered container of fixed width. To over-ride this setting and force text / media to full the entire width of the screen select Full 100% width.


How to display video at 100% width.

Make sure Full 100% width option is selected.
Use the snippet in the Drag N' Drop editor select category video and select

This will display 100% video without video controls.

The result of a one page scroll home page on the site.


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