Uploading Images
Every time you wish to upload an image on the site this interface is used by default.

The same interface is used for every image uploaded to the site. This interface has been designed to work perfectly on all screen sizes Mobile, Tablet and PC and will adapt according to the available screen size. Advanced image tools are available.


The upload tool features an advanced cropping tool which is functional on all devices. Some of the images require that certain preset dimensions are adhered to and the cropping interface will adapt to the dimensions required.

PNG's & GIF's

As a rule PNG & GIF's including animated GIF's images are never resized or reformated and will always retain their original dimensions and any opacity contained in the image. A direct copy is made to the web server and no image manipulation is carried out ensuring the original image remains intact. It is important if you wish to use PNG images that the correct dimensions are adhered to.

How to Upload an Image


Updated on: 10/04/2020 08:21:38
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